What Is Naked Gay Men?

The gay man's guide to happiness

What Is Naked Gay Men?

Naked Gay Men – Find out here what this new movement is all about.

Naked Gay Men™ is a coaching company dedicated to making the lives of gay, bi, queer, and questioning men, happier both personally, and professionally, by getting them more naked in every area of their lives.


What does Getting Naked mean?

Getting  Naked means being you, really you, confident, bold, proud. It means shining bright, and being out in every way, in every area of your life  that YOU want to be. It means seeing your gifts, feeling powerful, sexy, ready to accomplish anything. It means doing what you’re here to do, living life, having fun, and feeling successful … all… while finding peace with yourself and the world.

We help queer men, anywhere on their journey, discover their best lives and move into them.

Naked Gay Men™ is also a movement, and community, dedicated to supporting each other and enriching the lives of queer men, and youth, everywhere.


Who are the Naked Gay Men coaching programs for?

Our programs are for:

1. Gay, bisexual, or questioning men.

2. Men who want to be more successful, and fulfilled, in both their personal, and professional, lives.

3. Men who want to be 100% accepted, respected, and loved for who they are… without hiding, or having any secrets

4. Men who have already come out, are still in the closet, or are somewhere in the process.

The Naked Gay Men™ programs help men in  seven areas of their lives. While each area is vital, some areas are more important to you than others. That’s why our programs are customized to your unique needs and can address any of the seven areas of your life including:

* Yourself. Your sense of who you are, what you want, where YOU want to go.

* Your love life.  How to find Mr. right and be in  the KIND of  relationship that you really want to be.

* Your friends, getting more naked with the people you’re already close to.

* Your career.  How YOU bring more to the table, and create real success, when you can be yourself

* Your family. Having the powerful connection and unconditional love you want.

* Strangers. Exploring communities where you fit.

* Being the best YOU that you can be through personal development or spirituality


Naked Gay Men™  Values


* Being proud of who we are

* Living openly

* Being confident

* Expressing ourselves boldly, and with good character

* Shining bright

* Being out in every way

* Contributing our gifts to the world

* Being authentic in every area of our lives

* Being a  supportive community of, and for, queer men

* Stepping into our power

* Feeling sexy

* Accomplishing everything we want to

* Having as much fun as possible

* Creating real success on our own terms.

* Finding peace with ourselves, and the world

* Continuous growth and evolution as men, and a community


Services – Naked Gay Men™

To help queer men lives amazing lives Naked Gay Men™ offers:

* Coaching/Consulting

* Audio Training

* Video Training

* Live events

* Books

* Articles

* Bi-weekly radio show

And much more

Click here to learn more about Naked Gay Men™ founder Brian Madigan.