Get Naked Coaching

Get Naked coaching services
are available here
for Gay, Bi, and questioning men who want to:

1. More successful and fulfilled in both their personal, and professional lives.

2. Be 100% accepted, respected, and loved for who they are… without hiding, or having any secrets

3. Be more out, start coming out,….. or … move themselves forward in the process.

My Get Naked coaching clients are men from every walk of life. They’re gay men, bisexual men, and men who simply know they’re not entirely straight.  Some of them have been out for many years, and some of them are just starting to open their closet doors. All of them are looking to be confident, bold,  and proud. Doing what they’re here to do, living life, having fun, and feeling successful.

Get access to our Get Naked coaching services below.


Coaching Services
3 Ways to Get Help (Free to Fee)


#1 – FREE Get Naked Coaching
with Brian Madigan

There is a special section on this website where you can post questions and work with Brian as your “virtual” Get Naked coach. Ask him anything you want about Getting Naked: A) How to begin the process; B) How to figure out what area of your life you want to improve most; or C) How to build your Get Naked action plan. There is no charge to post questions. Click here to post your first question and get free Getting Naked advice from Brian.


#2 – Schedule Your Complimentary Get Naked Discovery Session
with Brian Madigan your Gay Guru®

If you want to reach your goals faster and easier, schedule a 1-hour complimentary  Get Naked Discovery Session. Brian creates a unique, high-energy,  creative, and supportive environment (by phone or Skype). Before your call Brian will review and evaluate your Get Naked questionnaire (you’ll fill this out before your consultation). This one time only, per person, offer. Click here to learn how to schedule a Get Naked Discovery Session with your Gay Guru®, Brian Madigan.


#3 – Apply for a Get Naked Training Program
with Brian Madigan

Brian works with a small number of elite individuals  (at all stages of personal development) who want Get Naked coaching over a longer period of time. These programs are custom-tailored to the individual and vary in time from as little as half a day to as long as one year. Interested parties must apply and qualify to participate. Click here to learn more about our VIP Days and longer-term Get Naked coaching programs.