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Get Naked coaching
programs and VIP Days with Naked Gay Men™ are for gay and bisexual men  (at all stages of personal development) who want more intensive training and support. These programs are individualized and vary in time from as little as half a day to as long as one year.

Space for  these Get Naked coaching programs and VIP Days  is limited so you must apply, and qualify, to participate. These programs, and VIP Days are for men who are serious about results – those who are prepared to invest the time, energy, and money necessary to get where they want to go.

If you want to avoid the loneliness, uncertainty, and costly mistakes that come with working alone I can help. If you want to move into your best life in the fastest, easiest, and most fun way possible, this is your best Get Naked coaching option.

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Get Naked Coaching Programs

Brian Madigan has several Get Naked coaching programs and VIP Day options to choose from, but you have to click here to sign up for your complimentary Get Naked Discovery Session  as a first step. Brian won’t take you on as a client unless he believes that you’re coachable and you have what it takes to be successful in one of his programs… because that’s the whole point of investing in Get Naked coaching in the first place.

My Get Naked coaching will help you see things that you can’t see on your own. It will help you overcome things that you can see, but aren’t sure how to fix. And, it will help you reach your goals much faster. One of the best reasons to invest in Get Naked coaching is to get access to insider information and shortcuts.

My Get Naked coaching is provided by phone,  Skype, email, and/or face-to-face. And you won’t be pushed through a one-size-fits-all program. Instead you’ll get a customized plan that’s tailored to the needs of your unique vision and personality. You’ll be able to go as fast (or slow) as you want. And I’ll help you stay accountable (if that’s something you want or need).

Unlike other coaching and consulting programs that you may have tried in the past, I won’t overwhelm you with unimportant tasks or information. You’re only going to get things from me that are critical to your development.

Investing in one of my coaching programs, or VIP Days, is a significant investment, but it can be the difference between getting where you want to go and staying stuck where you are now.

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Get Naked Coaching
Schedule your complimentary Get Naked Discovery Session

If you believe that one of my VIP Days, or Get Naked coaching programs might be a good fit for you, click on the button below to schedule your Get Naked Discovery Session. All calls are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. So register now. If you have any questions, click here to send me a private email.