Coaching Success Stories

Coaching Success Stories – See what I’ve done for men just like you with my  coaching programs and VIP Days. You’ll find stories from men looking for help in every area of life.

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My Client’s Testimonials


“Since our session I have been absolutely blown away at how I’ve felt.  Things that would normally cause a flash of anger or frustration were nearly all, but diffused.  I didn’t feel angry. I was able to respond with reason and understanding without first having to consciously control myself.”  – Anthony

“Brian is engaging and definitely is very helpful on many issues. (The Aging Discovery Experience was)  very interesting and definitely to the point of what aging men are facing and or dealing with.” – Denis

“I was amazed how easily and completely I’ve been able to clear emotions that I’ve dealt with my whole life. I used to spend time and energy managing them. But, now once they’re cleared they’re done.” – Anthony

“I really enjoyed Brian’s presentation. The open discussion with other gay men. It shoed me that I could have a better self-image, accept myself more. It was fun and informative.” – William

“I learned a lot about how people perceive body image and how to be more comfortable in my own body. Brian was very professional and presented interesting topics.” – Jayson

“The changes have improved every area of my life. How I connect and react to other people has improved. The way I deal with my family in a reasonable, steady way.My responses are more “me centred”. I feel empowered to do what I need to do.” – AG

“Brian had a light-hearted approach. His presentation was flexible and open without allowing things to get too far off topic. The material was thought provoking, fun, and the suer community and gay men could relate to what he was saying. He is friendly and well informed, a great communicator. We’re looking forward to seeing him again soon.” – Ben

“Brian provided positive encouragement on a sensitive topic. He is very professional and did a good job of guiding the open discussion.”  – Lawrence.

“Brian is a great guy. He is pleasant and his presentation was clear. The information was relevant and really helpful. He left me feeling like I am not alone.” – Brian

“Brian really helped me sharpen my view of coming out. The material was very pertinent. He is an excellent presenter.” – Art

“Hang ups that I had have become non-issues now.I wait for that familiar uncomfortable feeling and it’s just not there. There’s or to do as limiting beliefs surface but I have the tools to deal with them now.”  – Anthony

“Brian Madigan leads by example and speaks from experience. His wisdom and guidance were invaluable in helping me transition my life and transform my reality. I am very happy, grateful and feel blessed to have been referred to such a unique and skilled professional.”  – Ren

My Client’s Successes


When Bill first called me I could almost feel the stress coming at me through the phone. “I’m really angry!”, he said, “Do you think you can help me?” Even I was a little concerned about how we could move him out of RAGE,   and into a life he wanted. As we explored together he began to see sensitivity as an essential part of his makeup. It was a positive thing that he could use to help him instead of it getting him upset all the time. As he learned to appreciate himself more, what used to seem like the root of all his problems, became a powerful ally. He was a professional poker player and a musician. Embracing his natural sensitivity allowed him to be more intuitive when playing poker, and to win more. His performances became more powerful and heart-centred. He also noticed that he was naturally attracted to people who were more positive and open with him, who appreciated how sensitive he could be. Bill had tried a lot of things before, but he had never reached out and gotten help. Perspective on himself was what he needed to start finding the life he really wanted.


You might not be like Bill at all. YOU may think this is just touchy, feely, life coaching and that it can’t give you any kind of real-world results in practical areas like your business or career.

When Mike first got in touch with me he was desperate. He had recently lost his job and wasn’t sure what to do. He knew that there were issues with his previous position, and employer. He didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes again. But, as the primary breadwinner in his family he had to consider reality. Three kids headed for college in a few years and a wife whose business was suffering were a big burden for him. We explored who he is, what he wanted out of life and a job, and how much he really needed to make in order to live at a reasonable level of comfort and security. We also looked at his anxiety and helped him put his situation into perspective. Things weren’t really all that bad, not in the short term at least. When he got out  and started looking he found a couple of opportunities that he knew immediately weren’t good fits. I encouraged him to let them go and keep looking. When the right opportunity showed up Mike recognized it immediately. He was so confident in himself that he accepted the job and THEN called me. He was thrilled that not only was it close to home, allowing him to be there for his family, but it was even more money than he was making at his last job. Knowing himself and what he really wanted was key. Since then he’s changed jobs again and has an even better position.


Your issue might have nothing to do with your career at all. Maybe your depressed because you just don’t believe that there are any good men out there who are available.

Ken is an awesome guy. When he first came to me he was looking to find a better life but didn’t know what it was. As we explored his life we discovered that he was on track to figuring out some major changes but the only thing that was missing was a partner. Sure he’d had a lot of boyfriends. Ken is tall, young, and good looking, with a personality that shines. But, after spending so many years as a party boy he was better at flirting than finding something serious. We got him clear on what he was looking for. He met Randy for the first time when he was helping out at a friends restaurant where Randy was a regular. He found himself being friendly but holding back on his usual “let’s see how quickly I can get this guy into bed.”. They got to know each other at the restaurant and eventually did a yoga class (Ken’s passion) and a meditation class (Randy’s) together. They clicked. When Randy had to travel to the other side of the country to do his residency there was no question that Ken was going with him. Ken still gets my help occasionally to manage the intensity of their relationship, but, they’re building a solid foundation.


For some people THIER greatest relationship challenges come from their family. It could be that you’ve given up hope of ever having the kind of relationship you wish you could have with yours.

After thirty five years of hell Tom was ready to call it quits with his mother. He had tried everything to improve their relationship. It seemed that the only thing that could work was Tom pretending to be a completely different person than he actually was. His mother was a confident woman with some very set ideas about how the world is, and what she wanted for her children. Tom was about as far from his mom’s ideal as possible. The last thing Tom wanted was to become more like his mother. Who could blame him? Rather than asking him to meet his mother half way,  I helped him UNDERSTAND his mother better. While, at times, his mother’s behaviour was downright crazy, everything she was doing was coming from a place of concern for her son. We looked at WHY his mother was behaving the way she was instead of what she was doing. That helped Tom to feel loved by his mother. It allowed him to appreciate some of  his mother’s controlling behaviour. He was able to stand up to his mother in a more, positive, constructive way. Their relationship improved slowly, but surely. Now that Tom is a parent he can appreciate how hard it can be to allow your children to be different from you.


You might not be like any of the men I’ve talked about so far.  Perhaps you want change but you think that you just aren’t up for it, you’re not smart enough, young enough, or dedicated enough to make it happen. You believe you just don’t deserve the life that you want.

Andy was in his late forties when he came to see me. Everything in his life was ho hum. There was nothing really wrong, but, there was nothing really right either.  He was dating occasionally but never anyone he really liked. He had a good job but was bored and being passed over for promotions. He was living in a nice place but didn’t love the neighbourhood and need a room mate so that he could pay  his mortgage. Andy’s issue wasn’t that he was incapable. It was that he didn’t think he deserved better. He thought it was too late to change. Andy was really invested in being average. We helped him look at himself in a new way, recognizing things he took for granted that were some of his most powerful traits. The areas where he really shined. He began to care more about himself. As he took better care of himself he started to feel more confident. He finally got that long-overdue promotion. He moved into a smaller place in a  neighbourhood he loves that he could afford on his own. He’s dating less often now but only people he’s really interested in. So far no one has quite been who he’s looking for so he’s holding out for the right guy. Andy proves that it’s never too late.

These are just a few of the successes that I’ve helped create for people just like you.