What Does Getting Naked Mean?

What Does Getting Naked Really Mean?


Getting  Naked means being you, really you, confident, bold, proud. It means shining bright, and being out in every way, in every area of your life  that YOU want to be. It means seeing your gifts, feeling powerful, sexy, ready to accomplish anything. It means doing what you’re here to do, living life, having fun, and feeling successful … all… while finding peace with yourself and the world. 


What is “Coming Out”


While we’re here let’s talk about what coming out means for a minute. When most people talk about coming out they’re referring to the process of telling people about your sexuality. I think about things a bit differently, if you haven’t figured that out by now.  I’m sure the world will catch up with me…. eventually.


Coming Out as a Life-long Process


I believe that coming out is a life-long process that touches every area of your life and every aspect of your being. Coming out is a human process, everyone benefits from discovering the amazing things that they keep hidden inside, and then, finally, setting them free.


For men who are gay, or bi, or wherever you might be on that spectrum, coming out is even more significant. Because of pressure from society, family, peers, religion, we all learned to be shameful of our sexuality and to hide it. But your sexuality isn’t the only thing that you hid in that closet. Anything that you thought might rock the boat, make other people feel uncomfortable, make you feel weird or not normal, you hid all of those things too. Your closet might be full of skeletons each one representing something you’ve been keeping from other people, or maybe even yourself.


Treating coming out as a life-long process is the only way that you will keep looking in there and discovering things that need to be brought out into the light. Remember how relieved you felt the first time you were accepted as a gay or bi man. Imagine how much energy you’re using just to maintain your hold on that closet door. That sense of relief came from finally letting go.


Everything lurking in your closet is robbing you of energy, depriving you of joy, and keeping you paralyzed with fear. Getting naked means dealing with everything that’s in there until your closet is empty and you’re refreshed, energized, peaceful, and happy.


That’s what Getting Naked will help you create.


When I talk about Getting Naked I’m referring to seven areas of your life. They’re all important, but, some of them will be more important to you than others. You’ll also be way more naked in some of them already.

The seven areas are  :

1. Yourself. Your sense of who you are, what you want, where YOU      want to go.

2. Your love life.  How to find Mr. right and be in  the KIND of  relationship that you really want to be.

3. Your friends. Getting more naked with the people you’re already close to.

4. Your career.  How you bring more to the table, and create real success, when you can be yourself

5. Your family. Having the powerful connection, and unconditional love, that you want.

6. Strangers. Exploring communities where you fit.

7. Growth. Being the best YOU that you can be through personal development or spirituality


Now that you know what Getting Naked really means, let’s explore why you’d want to Get Naked.